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are expected to use the trial to undermine what they see as the legitimacy of the ousting outside for more seasonally for the trial unconstitutional. the trial is exposing a deepening schism in the jets' between more sees islam as it is on one hand and egypt's security establishment of the nation's mortar muslims secularists christians would in all the other. police in the israeli city of lights to match the question several associates of her ricky may allegations of so much in extremely close municipal election result one hundred votes separated incumbent every team and watch the apatow from second to challenge or any color and sixty more than eighteen thousand residents. he's already everest today people in the investigation into voting irregularities. often it would sound with two hundred sites like these election results and suspicions of flu have led to protests calling for new election in which image which is growing increasingly tense as ultra orthodox second date with its began to obama in recent years to rekindle the most conservative jurists that shelling the media and enforcing
on the streamline its way to renew appearance in from the lebanese supporters were attacked both israel and the us and said that israel does not want the ones to reach an agreement with iran over its nuclear ambitions because israel wants a war speaking to cheering crowds in beirut nostril and that israel wants the us to occupy and destroy experience so that that you wish to dominate the region. last weekend the war powers failed to strike a deal with iran over its nuclear program a program that the west believes is aimed at building nuclear weapons israel has remained adamant that it will take whatever action necessary to prevent iran from obtaining an atomic bomb as i . i am the owner can use on him more. it eu israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu his report to be willing to consider an interim agreements with their own rights to speak to the pre program but only if tehran agrees to a complete halt to all you ring in enrichment for want of a topless in exchange israel was doing the international community including two waves of the sanctions. he'll fly is unlikely to be taken seriously in
when us president john f kennedy was assassinated. despite one of the shortest ten years as chief executive of the country youthful candidate along with his wife jacqueline forever chase the office of the us presidency by challenging americans to seek new opportunities in animation at his inauguration the newly elected leader declared that's not what your country can do for you. that's what you can do for your country can in the fall of that later in the spring before a joint session of congress when each of the goal of landing a man on the moon within a decade in november nineteen sixty three to forty six euro kennedy was shot dead in dallas texas. police arrested we are free on fault the former us marine who shot a policeman while evading capture. dallas nightclub owner jack ruby shot oswald dad on november twenty fourth when he was being transferred from a police jail the tag. is you the arrival of the militias have surrendered their bases to the army and retreated from triple a in the face of popular anger against the refusal to disarm in the two years since they toppled long
species on the tight for us sagittarius states john kerry probably on toe in the middle east is due to attend the talks after changing his travel plans of heading to geneva. the us has confirmed some relief of sanctions imposed on iran was being offered in return for concrete verifiable measures but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said anything to do would be an historic mistake. the five permanent un security council members plus jimmy began two days of talks with iran on thursday. my three high and is the string the philippines with sustained winds of up to two hundred miles an hour of the teacher was decided that if any show estimates based on satellite images of cornell's it to be the most powerful storm ever to make the ample schools and offices have been closed in the cost of the storm and thousands of people have been evacuated amid fears of serious damage the region was already struggling to recover from an earthquake last month the category five storm was centered in the country's east and some are provence the national weather service said trees a book he wri
wing ruling will. and you the new year. us secretary of state to experience and it was kinda of tulips and uribe a huge effort to smooth the strained relations over america's foreign policy in the middle east for eon has been upset with washington over us president barack obama s decision not to bomb syria for its use of chemical weapons. city leaders have also become increasingly nervous that the obama administration could make a deal with severe in his arch rival iran over its nuke program and leaders in riyadh have voiced anger that the us does not properly supported to egypt's military that was to present more see back in july and have been hours since analysts believe there's a growing rift between the two hours to clean the reports saying to us so the guys are in turin hundreds of missing art works stolen by the nazis from jewish collectors there were covered in the apartment should be returned to their rightful owners. that's according to the organization that tries to richard jewish property stolen during the holocaust jewish claims conference is demanding that fififi
they believe the shooter may have used to carry the assault rifle used in the attack the shooter knew the victims but hadn't spoken to them in months because of the petty conflicts when the band's manager of the sauce has it down. originally from tehran that the band called the yellow dogs was the subject the b two thousand nine film called no one knows about persian cats was told a semi fictional tale of a band that played illegal rock shows in the iranian capital morthan residen forced thr way into top club on airports and train for and military planes carry a relief operations in the region. many lost their homes entering the basic food and shelter after tycoon j dionne rips through the south east asian nation. hundreds are confirmed dead with the death toll expected to start the rights of the city bore the brunt of the store which leveled homes in building its presence turn to local churches and makes it more as aid workers struggle to provide help to the enormous number of storm victims officials report including the city as authorities were unable to maintain law and order amid
reporting from the grime afghanistan the next. windmill and moving moving. news on him us presidents brock obama has preached is really quite an instant and intensity of the one that deal made between geronimo is that the islamic republic's new to the program obama racial mixing it that america remains committed to israel's safety and will not allow iran to acquire new to the west in the conversation between tb does tend to miss any of you describe the new deal as a historic mistake the agreements made at the weekend in geneva will see it grounds me to put that last phrase in exchange for partial rebate from economic sanctions if the administration is reportedly considering helping iran in the east sea including efforts to bring to the syrian civil war. goa has reportedly become the first country in the world to ban islam in an apparent effort to crack down on was an extremism according to local media mosques in the country have been dismantled to the end goal and minister of culture said quote the princess of legalization and his mom has not been approved by the ministry of justice and h
am. you will know what you will the fans. the news on him. us president obama is it that the critics in the interim review the deal the ppl i post one pic of what i was struck with the wrong over the weekend obama says it's a good reason. misty is the correct one but for america's security and the funding submissions to the world's problems to commence painful in auschwitz and us ally israel the jewish state's twenty seven minutes gone to this content the atomic agreement with iran as a historic mistake and says that his country is under no obligation to accept its terms in exchange for the first time since the court that surrounds higher grade enrichment of ukrainian staff which it is its mideast tensions in the middle east and of its own drinks. first on the syrian peace talks has been announced that generate i know it's already morning that they may not get paid to tip the conditions imposed by the saudi syrian president assad says he is willing to talk about it stands for allah wants to position syrian national council says it's not ready to entertain the i
agency is taps directly into the kitchen wing seems like it will be up to the store emails and use information of what the program code named muscular had easy access to the appointed agent e mail yet. hughes is due to that system to lack of oversight at the end it's the activities undertaken at the seats. i don't like. this is tapping into anyone's private finance. it's quite different. to listen to the cbd. monster that was conducted jointly with britain's gc excuse to be in that spirit of the progress reports the ems hundred and eighteen one million records in one week since the two day operation and in the espionage experts say is based on secret and state documents least one bullet to try to attend whistleblower it would snow again. i the refuse. and more. and. cz the topic thus the eye the love. but don't. it is i love. the moment. at. merit essential intelligence agency may be well known around the world. however its activities on knots. so when in two thousand and seven it was revealed they had been interrogated subjects in the eu territory. there was an outcry from europea
used long ruling will i live . the new zealand chile and more. field of lacie has been elected is new york city's new mayor the liberal democrats will replace michael bloomberg who spin off its speed twelve years. that was it defeated his republican challenger to sit the foot of the campaign based on the idea of bringing the upper and lower costs is clean sit together define equality in his victory speech as the defining challenge of our time throughout his campaign because it was critical of stop and frisk policies increased by ten but unused ads featuring his effort school teen teenage son dante to argue with that that discriminates against young black man former israeli foreign minister having to meet them and has been found innocent of corruption charges by two recent court meaning is now poised to return as the jewish state's top diplomats. he remained a member of the xray the parliament and the head of the user of the telcos he was indicted in twenty twelve for illegally using his influence to pulse the korea to the following israeli diplomats. following the announcement
in egypt with state media steering sentiment against ortiz muslim brotherhood a protest in cairo use the opportunity of the anniversary to draw attention to violence carried out by security forces who have killed hundreds of brotherhood supporters and arrested thousands of activists many demonstrators opposed both the current military leadership and the muslim brotherhood saying but troops retreat the revolution. pfft. usa's largest bank has agreed to pay at thirteen billion dollars settlement after acknowledging that it misled investors about the quality of risky mortgage back securities at the two thousand eight financial crisis. the sentiment to e j p morgan chase and the department of justice is the largest ever between the us government and a corporation jpmorgan another bank sold securities that plays in value when the housing market collapsed in two thousand six and two dozen seven that triggered a financial crisis that pushed the economy into the worst recession since the nineteen thirties as part of the deal jpmorgan agreed to provide four billion dollars in relief to homeow
the spring protests police tried to gas and used was the cannons in the latest clashes of the protest is ignored and issue warnings to discuss stability has been elusive says the two thousand and eleven revelation with the army ousted the democratically elected president mohammed will see in a minute return in july a pc it off to mass demonstrations the government responded by saying the lake to smear is an attempt to restore order on the streets of cairo three palestinians will be planning a terror attack on israeli targets have been killed by israeli defense forces during operation cells of the west bank town of hebron. according to a statement by the israeli army to handguns and explosive devices were found on the suspects then plans to carry out an attack within days came to light up to a number of the members of the salafi jihadi group was arrested several days earlier i the accused. and more. i know. in it. it is. the other he is. i. the from mom rates it's a pretty important. d more toward syria this week including fresh outbreaks in the capital damascus and the northern city
that since end of the east china sea and income fell to us japanese and south korean military planes or flew through the are isn't covers territory claimed by china japan taiwan and sou korea and contains evidence which the scing and to give a plane to china says establishing the setting was elected to move to the case that spot military tensions with two unarmed arican b ifty two bombers flying through the area via this week t us is called china's actions in destabilizing attempts to alter the status quo in the region. she was incompetent accused of hacking to death twenty five zero which it sold to the creepy house it to go on trial in the case that has shocked britain. rigby was killed on the twenty second week nights in the previous into daylight near and on the phallic symbol the south east london michael edible la jim and michael out of the one they would appear at london's old bailey central criminal court to deny the charges against him which include mota and conspiracy to add the sauce was alive at that time the three p's dad the men were acquitted in st they killed the soldier livi
the news on him. the israeli foreign ministry has called us was pride that claims palestinian leader yasser arafat may have been poisoned with radioactive palladium will sign up for the assignments arafat's the official medical records say he died in two thousand and four from a strike resulting from blood disorder the swiss report says tests on the bawdy showed an unexpected high activity of palladium which much of lee supports the poisoning theory but his putting was the team's last year amid continuing claims he was mad that israel has caused lead in the light of any involvement. many palestinians have long believed that arafat was poisoned. two two shares has been priced at twenty six dollars each had in his debut on the new york stock exchange on thursday by leaving the company has more than eighteen billion us dollars that makes it the biggest market to be for technology found since facebook went in may two thousand and twelve trees that has attracted two hundred and thirty million users since it started seven years ago and it is yet to make a profit. nevertheless there
opened a rift between netanyahu and us president brought obama whose relationship has long been ten branches taking a tough line with iran helping parents to forge closer ties with tehran both in israel and the goal. a passenger plane has crashed at an airport in the russian city of god i'm killing all fifty people on board the following seven thirty seven had taken off from my scalp and was reportedly trying to land but exploded on impact the emergencies ministry said there were forty four passengers and six crew members on the flight the plane belonged to top that thought their line and crashed around seven twenty pm local time on november seventeen. among the dead was a wreck. meaning i'll update some of the president of the russian republic of the dutch top forty with the blessing of good to our new website. the victims also included two children . i know the routine use of june more. we want. is our. zai the eye. i. sixty eight and openly of the jewish communities is a great job supporting israel with four thousand delegates from around the world side by side with breathing is
is the peak million us dollars it's been a disaster experts and jewish aid organization is for a christening it in the medical trauma specialists press reports from the worst affected areas subject to up to ten thousand people may have been killed in that store. his new teacher activist blog youtube site has had her book banned in private schools across sydney to pakistan. no more i am delighted to be for between forty thousand private schools after the school board president said smaller percentage of years but what's the use of pakistan along with cheltenham but the taliban last year for speaking out against the taliban and promoting fills the kitchen he is becoming a hero in the west for champion uber slow execution. she is going to suck right price for freedom of thought it was only for the nobel peace prize but although she's getting accolades. why is it appears many in pakistan are not seeking her presents zaire the accused. and more while the band. i think. he did it. nobody. the network for me the book the ara the and whom. it's etched its lead to the so called top that silly cats na
already been rebuked for us and come with it on with world powers are meeting with the red continue to support the deal regarding the islamic republic's controversial heated seats in afghanistan have agreed to a preliminary deal regarding the ongoing presence of american troops in the troubled middle eastern states. it's called the courses are scheduled to leave afghanistan in two thousand and fourteen however an exodus to the us military expertise could be that it's open to a song from the taliban within which to what the answer. the proposed security agreement will now be discussed in kabul during a special conviction that can't or don't tell has already dismissed the authority of any decisions yet to meet the american indian troops have been in afghanistan for twelve years. on nine eleven attacks and gone. czar . i am the routine use on him more in need. cheat. we do the laws of lafayette laws do not go with all the time so was i not let me know what it's all good judge of that more often it's a tough day the eye. a side car bombings killed least eleven and lead to thirty seven s
as the festival of lights which traditionally begins with the lighting of the menorah in the united states the us national menorah was living in the white house continuing a tradition that was started in nineteen seventy nine but president jimmy carter in israel crowds turned out to watch the nine products can elaborate lighting ceremony in front of the western wall the holiest site in judaism and the last remaining remnant of the ancient second temple in berlin also lived in or in front of the iconic brandenburg gate. hanukkah is a jewish holiday that commemorates the second century bc victory of the market needs and andrew bolton into judea against armies of the saloon sedan the menorah is a key part of the festival because according to jewish tradition the maccabees found only in a ritual the pure oil to like this am o'neill in the temple in jerusalem for one day but the boy in iraq gets that burned for eight dates and this year the festival also coincides with the american holiday thanksgiving. an occurrence that isn't supposed to happen again for some seventy nine thousand years. i the accu
medical workers and other priests now what the us military said the digit increases workers began twenty four hour relief operation to help the hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the store you can now sit with me private donations the philippines up to the million dollar spot but the nearly sixteen million more. the philippine government meanwhile was criticized at the center of the bed. but the lazy logistical challenges to be the victim is from accessing the helping. zz you. a check register for the western backed syrian coalition has made his first televised address to the war torn nation. it could be sworn in as the group's leader. it's great that members of the opposition and most of his cabinet on my team mate wants his televised address to the hotel exist and all but beaten those who lost their lives is the beginning of the conflicts and promising to usher in a new era for serious western backed group had struggled for months to cobble together an interim government in part due to infighting among the various groups involved to coexist with the support received a severe
pairs of walking in agreement as to the most recent round of talks ended without a deal a senior us officials said they believe the deal is possible at talks in geneva this week. israel is urging the us and other western powers to maintain tough pressure on tehran to treat from anti nuclear weapon toronto mayor rob ford has been stripped of most of his powers an iraqi city council meeting the leader of canada's largest city sat in the courts and ploughed into a city councilmember nearly knocking her over as the governing body voted to remove most of his legislating our four days in the thick of a sensational media scandal after committing to buying and using crack cocaine and driving under the influence of alcohol. the mayor has apologized for his actions to refuse to step down for two said he plans to stand for reelection next year and told foxnews that he hopes to one day run for prime minister deputy mayor norm kelly will take most of the mayor's duties although ford will maintain his official title and was convicted of a crime i know the routine. and more the runner. i. sixty e
it is committed to seeing through. he did and he receives around one point three billion us dollars and sixty eight from the united states last month washington announced it was withholding deliveries of tanks fighter aircraft helicopters and the silence is what is to read and sixty million dollars in cash from the mitre installed government pending progress towards democracy and human rights. i. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu his report to be willing to consider an interim agreements with their own rights to speak the beacon program but only if tehran agrees to a complete halt to all you ring in enrichment for one tenth the puppets in exchange israel would join the international community including two waves of the sanctions. he'll fly is unlikely to be taken seriously in tehran which allegedly told them to they purport to be more generous deal offered by the west in geneva over the weekend israeli government's focus dollars on the iran nie peace negotiations and expose the growing rift between the jewish state and washington yesterday and some of his most bellicose richard te
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